Manju Warrier To Marry Which FIlm Actor

As per Cinema Mangalam magazine, malayalam actress Manju Warrier is going to get married for second time. People of Kerala who heard this news is not able to accept it or reject it. Earlier this same magazine reported about Dileep – Kavya Madhavan wedding. This is reason why Manju Warrier second marriage in 2017 is not considered as a rumor or fake one by many people. Manju Warrier – Dileep marriage was in 1998 and they got legally divorced in 2015 after 17 years of married life. Both of them have a daughter named Meenakshi in this relation. Dileep said on his second marriage day with Kavya Madhavan that he is marrying based on his daughter Meenakshi’s wish.

If it’s real then next question is regarding who is going to be second husband of actress Manju warrier and his name. In life of celebrities there are lot of things that have no clarification or explanations. Personal life of celebrities are entirely different from what we see in wide screens in theaters. It’s all like a movie story which is not able to be distinguished whether it’s true or or not. After divorce with Dileep, actress Manju Warrier came back to acting. Manju did lot of Mollywood films and her come back film was How Old Are You.

Earlier Kerala actress Manju Warrier had said that she will get married in her life as she is all alone. Manju Warrier never denied that she will not get married. She always waited for a chance to continue her life again with Dileep and Meenakshi. Credibility of this news is not known. Magazine reported this feature saying that this information is received from close friends of actress Manju Warrier. Manju warrier second marriage news in cinema mangalam magazine issue.

But a question comes out of no where, Why did Dileep allow her daughter Meenakshi to go with father, without raising any demands in court. This is main reason asked by people whether there was something else in mind of actress Manju Warrier earlier itself.Malayalam actor Dileep also recently said that all truth will be revealed soon. What was he meaning . Does this have any connection. After divorce of Dileep – Manju Warrier theer ahs been lot of gossips stories regarding their second marriages.

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