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Long gone are the days when animation & VFX were limited to films alone. Today animation & visual effects are a part of all kinds of media communication. From re-enactment of accidents during television news reports to replay of the last over during cricket matches, everything utilises visual effects. It has captured all forms of media communications that allow for moving images, including television & the mobile industry.With so many job opportunities opening up every day, in this post we will look at some of the most popular industries that are hiring animation & VFX professionals.

Not everything can be shot in real life. The concept may be futuristic & building sets may take a long time or the production house may not be able to acquire the necessary shooting rights. Whatever may be the challenge, visual effects is always there to the rescue. Almost every ad that we see today has some element of animation in it. Advertisements, currently, are the biggest consumers of animation, after films. Be it the sparkling clean clothes in a detergent commercial or flying fruits & vegetables in a cornflake commercial, all are examples of animation in advertisements. Even the smallest parts such as the animated product labels towards the end of the ads are created through software. Large advertising companies often employ a full time, in-house team of animation experts, while smaller companies employ them on a contract or may even outsource the work to an agency or studio.

Television channels, specifically news channels, are the oldest consumers of animation & VFX. Remember the rotation Doordarshan logo? That is one of the oldest examples of animation for television. Today it is a common practice to have animated logos for channels. Even the news channels rely on graphics & animation to such an extent that they employ an in-house team of artists. Starting from the recreation of the path a plane took just before it crashed to the weather report with an animated map in the background, news channels employ a special team of animation experts to create the desired graphics. Additionally, with the advent of channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo & Nickelodeon, and the immense success of cartoon series like Chhota Bheem & The Simpsons animation content is now created exclusively for television.

Your father will be able to tell you about all the times when the batsman was declared out because there was no option to see a game play. That is not the case anymore. Sports channels utilize graphics to the optimum in order to offer a cutting-edge viewing experience. Games like the cricket IPL and World Cup offer breathtaking line-of-sight motion graphics. Sports channels also hire a full time, in-house team of animation experts for all their graphics needs.

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