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The 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic was first confirmed in India on 30 January 2020, in the state of Kerala. As of 5 April 2020, there have been 314 confirmed cases with 56 recoveries and 2 deaths, more than 1,58,600 people are under surveillance in the state.The cases were reported from travellers coming from China and Italy and their contacts.

Many precautions are taken by the government to control the disease from spreading. Exams have been postponed, including the final school board exams, and all educational institutions will remain closed until the disease is wiped out. The government announced complete shutdown of the state from 23 March till 31 March.

Public transport will not operate during this period, and public gatherings are restricted.[6] A stimulus package of Rs 20,000 crore ($2.85 billion) has also been announced. On 28 March, a 69-year-old man from Mattancherry, Ernakulam who had a travel history to the Middle East, became the first person to die of Covid-19 in Kerala.

The government of Kerala declared high alert from 4 to 8 February and starting 8 March 2020 due to coronavirus cases being reported from the state. Isolation wards with 40 beds were set up in 21 major hospitals of the state and a helpline was activated in every district. As of 9 March, more than 4000 persons are under home or hospital quarantine in Kerala.

On 10 March, the Kerala government arranged special isolation wards in prisons across the state. On 10 March, the government of Kerala shut down all colleges and schools up to grade 7. The government also urged people to not undertake pilgrimages, attend large gatherings such as weddings and cinema shows

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