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Over the years, the gaming industry has turned into a complex mechanism that offers job opportunities to a wide range of talents who cater to the ever growing demands of the gaming industry. Gone are the days when Atari used to ship out games with monochrome graphics and little beeps and buzzes to serve as a sound accompaniment. Now, games offer vivid images in millions of pixels with a complete background score. In this post, we discuss some of the key job profiles in the field of gaming.

A game is the brainchild of the game designer. They build concepts and plan the entire game flow. The game designer will define the core elements of the game. It is their responsibility to communicate their vision to the rest of the development team, including the ones who create the artwork and to those who work on the computer code.

The game programmer is responsible for writing the computer code that makes gaming possible. They are at the heart of the development process. The lead programmer communicates the game design into a technical specification and then delegates tasks to the programming team. A proficiency in computer languages such as C & C++ is prerequisite for becoming a game programmer.

The role of the game artist begins early in the pre-production phase of the game development process. They create the initial concept art and storyboards of how the game will look and progress. The game artist is also responsible for creating the visual elements of the game such as characters, scenery, objects, background images, clothing and skin texture. Some games focus on how realistic they look while others go for a more stylised design. This is more by design than by accident. The development team decides on how much resources should be put to the visual as opposed to other aspects of the game such as motion sensitivity and advanced game play features.

An animator’s role is multi-dimensional. They have the overall responsibility of depicting movements and character & object behaviours within the game. Animators must work within the constraints of the game engine’s technology and platform limitations. They convert artwork and computer code into living characters on the screen.

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