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The Indian animation industry has grown by leaps & bounds over the past 10 years. India has finally embraced the idea of creating believable animated products. Roadside Romeo, My Friend Ganesha, Hanuman & Chotta Bheem has changed the face of Indian animation films.‘Arjun- The Warrior Prince’, released in 2012 in India & US, wowed the audience with the sheer quality & brilliance of animation, unlocking new career opportunities in the industry. Big Hollywood production houses & studios continue to have business tie-ups with Indian production houses & studios.There is also a major investment in animation education with animation institutes concentrating on quality 2D& 3D training along with various other courses related to film making technology.

The Indian film industry continues to evolve every day. There is a higher amount of investment in technology & infrastructure related to film making. Train, talented individuals have greater opportunities to become successful animators. Beginners & established animators are being encouraged to create & develop new films, and experiment with their creativity, thus broadening their horizons. VFX, sound effects, light effects & computer graphics are used heavily in almost every film today & the industry is focusing on perfecting it; harnessing the available technology & importing better resources.

With Hollywood collaborating with Indian production houses, outsourcing of animation & technological work from abroad has helped India achieve the expertise in understanding how to go about it in a more professional manner. There are a number of VFX companies operating in India, catering to various clients in domestic circuit as well as internationally. The Indian animation & film industry will continue to strive & achieve the technical & creative excellence to move forward with gleaming hope.

What would the animation industry be without the animators & animation companies who work hard to bring beautiful stories to the big screen? Animators are responsible for bringing characters to life. Even though freelancing is an option available most of the animators work with high end production houses. The important thing for them is job satisfaction, work appreciation, along with the money coming in. Animators are the life-line of the industry. We take a look at the top animation companies who create magic with their work.

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