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Popularly known as ILM it was started by George Lucas in 1975. Apparently he was not satisfied with the skill level in technology and started this company and took on the first project of Star Wars. And the rest is history. Even when 2D and 3D animation was still being explored ILM took animation to another level and was successful in it. Terminator 2, Jurassic park etc would have been the same without their special effects and animation. In a way ILM is the pioneer in animation and still continues to explore new avenue to enrich the industry.

The name is worth its weight in gold in the animation world. For decades, this company has influenced the industry & charmed the audience with its work. It has been a leading company to take 2D animation to a new level. Now it’s setting standards in the 3D segment as well. There seems to be no sign of them slowing down as they continue to make animation movies, which entertain & influence the lives & thinking of many around. Undoubtedly, the development of the animation industry will always be linked with the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

When talking about animation, Pixar cannot be left out of the conversation. With a growing list of 3D films & numerous Academy Awards in its pocket, Pixar has changed the way we look at 3D animation. With a massive inflow of work from Pixar, it is hard to imagine that 3D animation is relatively new in animation film history. Their works have been appreciated & have been a source of inspiration for many & continues to do so.

Japan is the country of Anime & Manga stories. Nippon Animation is a leading animation studio in Japan, which has brought a new lease of life to Japanese animation. They have created their own versions of Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Jungle Book & Pinocchio. They ran their own TV series – World Masterpiece Theater – for three decades & continue to fill up the animation void in the country. Such has been the influence of this company that for generations Japanese people have been entertained by them.

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