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A feature produced by Laika Entertainment in collaboration with Focus Films, this is about a young boy’s adventures while saving his friends. The animated feature is an adaptation of Alan Snow’s popular novel ‘Here Be Monsters’.Oscar hit: Although written off by trade critics, the film found favour with the animation community for its animation style & craft. Will it also find favour with the Oscar jury? We shall have to wait & see.Oscar miss: Although appreciated for its craft, the film left a lot to be desired from the screenplay. Scattered historical references and glaring loose ends could just be the reasons for Laika to miss this ‘golden’ opportunity.

DreamWorks Animation, in conjunction with Mad Hatter Entertainment, has come up with its latest production, a sequel to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.Oscar hit: Possibly one of the most anticipated, and the biggest, hit of the year, this sequel is clearly a favourite with moviegoers & Oscar gurus alike. Will it be the second sequel film in Oscar history to win after Toy Story 3 in 2010? Oscar miss: “Show, don’t tell” is the golden rule of cinema. Yet, there is more talking than actions in this film about dragons & Vikings. Also, its efforts to make sure that audience is up to date with the first film as well, makes it redundant in parts. Would being a standalone film have been a better idea? We shall find out soon.

Cartoon Saloon, in collaboration with Big Farm productions & the Irish Film Board, are responsible for the unlikely nomination of ‘Song of the Sea’. The movie talks about the magical adventures of a little Irish girl with special powers.

Oscar hit: Standing out in the sea of big studios, literally, this reinterpretation of Celtic mythology is proving to be a stiff competition. The fact that it utilises traditional hand-drawn animation, adds to its charm for the viewers.Oscar miss: Constant overlap of reality & fantasy in the story world makes it a little difficult for the audience to use their imagination. It almost feels as if Tomm Moore & Will Collins (co-writer) guide the audience every step of the way. May be letting the Oscar jury use their imagination would have increased its chances at the awards.

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