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Think of a character who is feeling one emotion, but it starts feeling something different because something occurred in the shot, it needs to process the thought before the change of emotion can occur. This lag time is known as the emotional hang time, and is crucial in a shot. In the following shot beginning from timeframe 2:09, watch Chef Skinner transform from one emotion to the next, with a very readable thought processing time before changing to the next emotionThe way your character moves will tell the audience a lot about its personality. To conjure up your character’s ‘natural pose’ it is always a good idea to take inspiration from real world characters, and then exaggerate the selected traits. This technique has been used by every great animator, from Walt Disney to Tex Avery. In the following video, watch Buzz Lightyear get trapped in ‘Spanish mode’ & dance Flamenco.

All great animators know that line of action is essential to the creation of dynamic body poses. The emphasis of line of action, along with shoulder line & hip line, make the pose look more lively, rather than static. It is a good idea to take some life drawing classes to learn dynamic facial posing.Learning acting for animation is a crucial step towards building a career as an animator. Being guided & trained by experts can make all the difference between an amateur & a professional. Make sure that you enroll with an institute with a good reputation & trained faculty so that your dream of becoming an animator can become a reality.

More & more animation studios are looking for animators who excel at character animation in a more realistic way. Recruiters at VFX, video game & animation studios find it hard to locate candidates with adequate character animation experience as demo reels with strong character animation is very hard to come by these days. If you are looking to enter the industry as a character animator, then this post is for you. We bring you the five most common mistakes candidates make when they create a character animation demoreel.

Nothing can destroy a shot quicker than having something extraordinarily large moving across the screen too fast. For example, while designing a dragon or a large gorilla, it can be difficult to comprehend just how much time the character needs in its movements. This is especially relative when the creature is starting an action, changing direction, or coming to a stop. Remember, there is no correct timing for all characters. They are all unique. They have different sizes, shapes & emotions – things that radically affect the speed of their movements. But the basic rules will always apply. Something too heavy will take time to move while something light will move faster.

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