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kidney disease health tips malayalam

Ever since the trailer for the movie released, one question occurred at the top of people’s minds – where’s Hawkeye? Unfortunately, two of the noticeable characters, The Hawkeye and The Antman have been missing in the ultimate fight and have left fans a little heart broken. We are now expecting these characters to make an appearance in the film’s sequel.We also see introduction of some new characters into the movie – Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf, and Ebony Maw on the evil side and Eitri the giant king of the dwarves on the good side. The movie doesn’t spend much time on their character development, but overall it’s satisfactory.

As Benedict Cumberbatch said in one of his interviews, “expect the unexpected”. Many scenes have been cut out and edited from the trailer. So the fan theories based on the trailers won’t probably find any grounds. But the editing is so good that it doesn’t make the audience feel that there are any holes in the plot.What exactly made us feel that this was MCU’s best movie till date was the unusual ending it had.Seeing our heroes fall was the one that made this movie an exception from all the other movies. It was one of the boldest moves of Marvel ever.

Yet, we know that this not ‘the end’. Fans around the world now wish to see how the plot unfolds in the upcoming sequel.What was your favourite moment in The Infinity War movie? Who is your favourite Marvel superhero? Let us know in the comments below.Sequels usually do not get the same amazing response as their original movies do. But is this the case in animated movies too? There are of course a few exceptions like Cars, Finding Nemo & Monsters Inc. The sequels of these movies stood out, just like their original counterparts.

Zootopia was a massive success and one of the highest critically acclaimed Disney movie of recent years. So it would be in Disney’s best interests to make a sequel. Additionally, the director of the film Byron Howard said that there’s enough material to make a sequel.Basing on the critical and financial success of Monsters, Inc. the rumors of an official sequel might just be true. Not to forget, Monsters University which was a prequel to Monsters, Inc. raked in $750 million worldwide. Though it may probably take the same time as Finding Dory and Incredibles 2 took, the more the time goes by, higher is the probability. Fingers crossed till then!

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