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Phill lord and Chris Miller made a hilarious and original movie with Lego that brought the classic toys to life back in 2014. In many ways they paved the way for a franchise that doesn’t have a deep backstory because they proved that with creativity anything can be a great story to tell. After that it launched its own franchise, first with The Lego Batman movie and next with The Lego Ninjago movie which was box-office hits too. And now with such a fan base, it could be time for a sequel to The Lego movie.

It is a short, action packed, superbly animated series perfect for a few spare hours on a Saturday evening. Based on 1989 video game Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse, the series follows Trevor Belmont, who defends the nation of Wallachia from Dracula and his minions.If you’re a Starwars fan then this might be the best ever series for you. Though the 2008 movie didn’t fare so well, the animated series is critically acclaimed. Created by George Lucas the series showcases the events that stem from the Separatist Crisis resulting to whole scale war which leads to the formation of the Intergalactic Empire and the annihilation of the Jedis.

It has a set plot and a storyline unlike most other cartoon shows. This show supplements humor to depict the harsh truths of life that people fear to speak out loud. It features great dialogues, puns, witty remarks and wordplay that makes you think deeply about life. Though this show is on animals who can speak, you’ll realise it’s not just a simple funny show. Its writing and social commentary work just gets along perfectly.

So you have made up your mind to be among the people behind the screen rather than those watching it? What does it take to be in this competitive yet awarding industry? Here are some personal and professional skills you need to develop to have a successful career in the broadcast industry.

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