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Nannari sarbath syrup for blood cleaning

Nannari Syrup famously called as Nannari Sarbath is made of Nannari Vaer (Root). Nannari Vaer is traditionally used to reduce the body heat specialy during the summer time. It was proved that Nannari Sarbath (Syrup) made of original Nannari Vaer (Root) has reduced 98% of the excess body heat with just two intakes. All the Nannari Sarbath (Syrup) available in market are maade of artificial Nannari essence, there are only two brands in TamilNadu who are still making Nannari Sarbath (Syrup) in traditional way with original Nannari Vaer (Root). This Nannari Sarbath (Syrup) is from them and they are traditionaly making this from 1921.

Again H is one such difficult alphabet to choose a Tamil recipe, so used a clause and sharing a simple post.
Nannari aka India Sarasaparilla is a natural body coolant.The roots of the Sarasaparilla are often used to make the syrup and it has lot of medicinal values,used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Nannari sarbath is a popular drink in most of the road side shops especially in summer.Nannari sarbath is a natural thirst quencher made using nannari syrup and lemon juice along with crushed ice.
Will share the recipe of nannari sarbhat with the syrup soon.

As we don’t get the nannari syrup here I missed this sarbhat a lot.After seeing so many homemade nannari syrup in the blogosphere I tried to make it at home.So during my last India trip I got a packet of nannari root from the Ayurvedic shop.

I made this syrup in a small quantity for my first trial and came out so good and flavorful.These days enjoying the nannari sarbhat a lot on sunny days.Since there is no preservatives used it can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-1.5 months.Lets move on to the recipe………………….

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