Kidney Federation of India

The Kidney Federation of India, a one of a kind autonomous Non-Governmental Organization fully dedicated to serve the society, with a mission of bringing freshness to the lives of poor and taking them to a life that every human being deserves.
Kidney Federation of India primarily focuses on helping the poor people suffering from Kidney related diseases in their treatments including Kidney Transplantation, Dialysis, medical assistance etc.

We also engage in activities including spreading awareness regarding kidney and related diseases, Kidney donation and formation of Kidney Bank, an initiative to gather people willing to donate their Kidneys. We believe in “Giving Hope is Giving Life” and we do this with the help of thousands of kind-hearted people all over the world.





















Pallithamam Shopping Complex, 1st Floor,
Near Kairali-Sree Theatre, North Bus Stand,
Thrissur – 680 020, Kerala, India

Phone (Tel) : +91 487 2322999,
+91 487 2320302, +91 4872323888

The Kidney Federation of India is an autonomous non-governmental body dedicated to serving society with a new mission of bringing the lives of the poor to life and taking the life of every human being.The Kidney Federation of India focuses mainly on helping the kidneys affected by kidney transplantation, dialysis, and medical health.
We include activities related to kidney diseases, kidney bank donation, awareness raising on kidney bank.

One Dialysis revolution is an initiative by Kidney Federation of India, founded by Fr. Davis Chiramel, to help the poor kidney patients in Kerala who can’t afford the huge money needed for treatments including continuous dialysis. We try to aid them by sponsoring their dialysis. Kidney patient generally need three dialysis per week. We are constantly trying to help them and One Dialysis Revolution is all about service to the mankind and helping the poor.

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