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Her distant cousin Abigail (Sarah Power) gets evicted from her home. Cassie has never met Abigail but, connecting with her through the internet, invites her to visit. At the police station, Jake speaks with Mayor Tom Tinsdale (Paul Miller) and learns that the mayor is supporting a project to build a bridge which would connect Middleton to its neighboring city, and that the Mayor’s wife Martha (Catherine Disher) is leading support against the construction. At the opposition meeting, Cassie is nominated to run for mayor, and asks Martha to run her campaign. When she later tells Jake her news, he does not tell her that the mayor and his wife are at odds.

Back at home, as Cassie tells Lori that she is planning Lori’s Sweet 16 birthday party, Abigail arrives for her visit. Later, Jake’s deputy Derek Sanders (Noah Cappe) meets Abigail and Derek tells her that he agrees with the mayor about the bridge’s benefit to the town. When back at Cassie’s, Abigail tells Jake she is completely against the bridge, and hopes Cassie wins the election so she can put a stop to it. The following day, Derek tells Cassie and Jake that he has himself decided to run for mayor and Cassie learns that she and Jake have differing views on the subject.

In the meantime, Abigail has given Lori a love potion to use to gain the affections of Brandon’s friend Wes (Rhys Ward), and Brandon is unhappy that his friend Wes is so distracted. Abigail seems to be reveling in the chaos she has caused, and Cassie figures it out. Jake is fired when Derek’s campaign speech is stolen, as he disagrees with the mayor’s position and is the prime suspect. Abigail plots spells upon the family with the use of voodoo dolls.

Lori sneaks out after curfew to be with Wes, but he abandons her. Angry, Brandon cuts ties with him. Martha Tinsdale arrives seeking a place to stay, announcing that she and her husband have split over the bridge issue. Despite the growing family tensions, Jake and Cassie talk over breakfast, trying to stay strong despite Jake’s job loss. Brandon tells Lori he has cut ties with Wes over Wes’s actions. When later looking for her, Cassie finds Abigail missing: when overhearing the family being so supportive, Abigail grew frustrated that her scheme of sowing disharmony had deteriorated and left. Derek tracks Abigail down in a newly rented apartment, and Cassie soon also arrives and comforts Abigail. Realizing the error of her ways, Abigail apologizes for causing problems.

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