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Moyinkutty was born to Unni Mammad and Kunjamina in 1852 at Ottuparakkuzhi, near Kondotti in Malappuram district. Unni Mammad was famous practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and a poet too. He lived longer than his son and completed his unfinished work titled Hijra from the 27th Ishal onwards. Moyinkutty continued his family tradition of Ayurvedic medical practice and learnt Sanskrit and Arabic languages. He died at the age of 40 in 1892 leaving behind his wife, two sons and a daughter. No known photograph or painting of the poet exists today and none of his descendants survived after his children.

At a very young age of seventeen, he composed the romantic epic Badarul Munir – Husnul Jamal (1872) . It narrates a fictional love story between Prince Badarul Muneer, the son of the King Mahazin of Ajmeer and Husnul Jamal, daughter of his minister Mazmir. Most of the events narrated are pure fantasy, with plots involving the transformation of the hero into a bird and back, and frequent interactions with Jinns.

The songs of Moyinkutty Vaidyar are distinguished by their depth of imagination, the beauty of the metaphors used, the creativity comparisons involved and the variety of their ishals (tunes/modes). His poems depicted the emotional manifestation of Muslims of the day, using literary forms such as romanticism, devotionalism and social realism.The vivid portrayal of the movements of the horses in the battlefield in Vaidyar’s Badar Padappattu is a particular example of the poet’s style.

Vaidyar ( other wise known as Vaidyan) is a Malayalam term implies physician or practitioner of any Indian systems of medicine (Ayurveda, Siddha etc), particularly referred to an expert who practice herbal medicine . People of ancient Kerala had used this title to address the hereditary Ayurvedic physicians. The surname is therefore, has its root to a profession of practising ayurvedic medicine. It was not a caste name, in olden days, the traditional ayurvedic physicians and their descendants were honoured with this Title

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