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The Bank is leading a water conservation and waste management programme. Water is a national asset and the crisis around water has been the reason for the Bank to focus CSR programmes around water. DCB Bank’s CSR thrust areas are, protection of water bodies and sources of water, waste management, recycling, promoting startups, protection of monuments of national importance and promote renewable energy. DCB Bank is proud to have installed zerodor waterless urinals at the eponymous Wagah Border Check post, near Amritsar. The gents public toilets used by tourists are 100% waterless thus saving 1.5 to 1.8 liters per use.

CB Bank has over the past two years doubled the branch network presence to 323 branches (as on 30 June 2018) from 160 branches two years back. This relatively recent growth spurt has been instrumental in driving business growth as well visibility. The Bank has come a long way from humble beginnings in the 1930s, in Mumbai from a series of Co-operative bank mergers with the Ismailia Co-operative Bank Limited and the Masalawala Co-operative Bank respectively.

These 2 banks later merged to form Development Co-operative Bank, that changed to Development Credit Bank after it was granted the scheduled bank license by the Reserve Bank of India in May 1995. Development Credit Bank Ltd. went on to successfully offer shares to the public by an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2006. DCB Bank Limited is the new name of the Bank, changed with due regulatory approval in January 2014.

DCB Bank’s products and services range from loans for Small and medium enterprises and Mid Corporate customers, to Loans for individual needs such as home loan, loan against gold, commercial vehicle loan and small business loan. Agri & Inclusive Banking from DCB Bank includes tractor loan, loan against gold, warehouse finance, loan against warehouse receipt, dairy and farm loan, loans for microfinance organisations amongst other products.

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