Indane, is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) brand developed and owned by Indian Oil Corporation in India. It is the world’s second largest LPG marketer. The brand was conceived in 1964 to bring modern cooking to Indian kitchens. The first Indane LPG connection was released on 22 October 1965 at Kolkata. Indane serves more than 90 million families through a network of 9100 distributors. 27% of its customers reside in semi-urban or rural markets and every second LPG cooking gas connection in India is that of Indane. The sales network is backed by 45 Indane Area Offices. The brand has been awarded the title of “Superbrand” by Superbrand India.

The marketing operations for LPG commenced in India in 1955 at Mumbai, under the Burmah Shell Oil Company. It was not until Indian Oil took charge that it actually became a flourishing and recognizable industry. Brand Indane was conceived in 1964 and had very modest beginnings. The first Indane LPG connection was released on 22 October 1965 at Kolkata. Indane began operations in October 1965, with two dealerships in Kolkata and Patna, and a consumer base of around 2,000. At that time the concept of a cooking gas was new to the customers and they were apprehensive of keeping a gas cylinder in their kitchens, perceiving it as unsafe and a potential hazard.

he main product of Indane is packed Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. It also provides LPG through Reticulated Piped Gas System which directly pipe Indane LPG into the kitchens of modern urban customers. Through its Indane LPG distributors, Indian Oil markets several home aids and conveniences.These include electric exhaust chimneys, non-stick kitchen cookware, pressure cookers, pressure pans, oven-proof crockery, cotton aprons, gas detection alarms, prefabricated modular kitchen cabinets, Nestle ready-to-cook items, microwave and multi-wave ovens, fire extinguishers, direct-to-home receivers for free-to-air channels, FMCG items, water purifiers, LPG industrial burners and auto LPG kits.

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