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The two men discover that all the roads leading to Gwangju are blocked and heavily guarded by soldiers. Man-seob tries to convince Peter that they should return to Seoul, but the latter refuses to pay the 100,000 won unless they reach Gwangju. They manage to enter the city after they lie about Peter being a businessman. In Gwangju, they find that all the shops are closed and the streets are deserted. Man-Seob dismisses the severity of the city’s state as he believes that the riots were caused by rebellious students.

Peter begins to record his observations on his camera, and the two men meet a group of college students who are riding on a pickup truck. The leader of the group, Yong-pyo, invites Peter aboard. They also befriend English-speaking student, Jae-sik. Man-seob decides to turn back, reluctant to have his taxi damaged in the riots. However, he takes pity on an old woman looking for her son; she leads him to the local hospital. The woman’s son turns out to be Yong-pyo, who is in the hospital with minor injuries. Peter and the college students scold Man-seob for his selfishness. They refuse to let Peter pay Man-Seob until he fulfills the agreed trip.

Man-seob agrees to take Peter and Jae-sik (now acting as translator) through Gwangju. Protesters greet them with food and gifts. Peter films violent riots and witnesses soldiers beating protesters. Plainclothed Defense Security Command (DSC) officers see him filming and go to arrest him. The three men evade capture. That evening, Man-seob’s taxi breaks down and they are met by Tae-soo, one of the local taxi drivers. Tae-soo tows the taxi to his shop for repair. This and the fact that Gwangju’s phone lines have been cut distresses Man-Seob, as his young daughter is home alone. Tae-soo lets the men stay at his house for the night.

During dinner, they hear an explosion and discover that the television station has been bombed. They head there and Peter films the turmoil. The officers recognize Peter and chase the three men; Jae-sik is captured. He yells for Peter to share the footage with the world before he is taken away. Man-seob is assaulted by the leader of the DSC, who accuses the driver of being a communist. Peter rescues Man-seob and the pair run back to Tae-soo’s house.

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